Mineralaide looks to nature

We have been made to believe we need to add things to our water to perform better or improve our health. The truth is that all we need is pure water straight from Earth. This has been the case for thousands of years and it did not change with the invention of bottled drinks. The best and most beneficial waters are without question those found in their natural and purest form, straight from Earth in areas unaffected by human activities. Each water has its unique characteristics and mineral composition with a specific potential to benefit our body.  Those are the only waters that Mineralaide brings to market – formulated solely by nature and 100 percent authentic.


Mineralaide searches for sources of natural spring and mineral waters


Sourced in pristine aquifers located in the heart of Carpathian Mountains


Each water naturally contains a unique combination of electrolytes essential for human life and health

Our Goal

Mineralaide’s goal is to encourage healthy hydration by making available unique and naturally sourced pristine waters untouched by human hands. Each water is chosen for its unique character, taste and composition to benefit the human body.  

Our Sources

Our waters, created by mother nature, originate in deep aquifers protected by the Carpathian Mountains, Europe’s last unspoiled wilderness geologically rich in natural mineral and spring waters.  In this pristine environment, as the water passed through rocks and soil drop by drop through millions of years,  it absorbed natural minerals beneficial to our health and wellbeing.

What's in it

Each water source selected by Mineralaide has its own unique combination of electrolytes essential for human life and health. Electrolytes regulate many of our body functions, including nerves, muscles, hydration, blood pH, blood pressure, and the rebuilding of damaged tissue.  These electrolytes are naturally found in our  waters.  Unlike other waters, there is no need to artificially alter the wonderful and original natural characteristics of our waters.

About Packaging

We are mindful of the impact of the water bottles on our environment. Our waters are not just a prepackaged substitute for tap water.  They each have a purpose to benefit our health.  To reduce our impact on the environment, depending on the type and purpose of each water, we use light glass or light plastic (BPA free) that contains 20-40% less material than conventional glass or plastic. Thus, manufacturing, transportation and handling of our water uses fewer resources and results in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.  All this is done without compromising the sturdiness and durability of our packaging.

We ARE what we drink

Choose your water with purpose in mind.  Each of our waters is more than just water.  Whether it is our water offered to moms, kids or athletes, each has its own specific potential to benefit our wellbeing as represented by its unique combination of electrolytes.

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